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Musica~! All kinds :D
Post it to what it you want it we talk about different music different kinds of music from North American, South -American, European, African, Australian, Asian, Antartic, and Antartic. Viva la musica, peoples :D
Tags:   music   asian music   j-pop   k-pop   c-pop   t-pop   f-pop   j-rock   k-rock   c-rock   american rock   country   pop   metal  
Categories:   Music
Creation: Wed, Oct 13, 2010     
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All Music nd Nobody criticizing
If u listen to rock, j-rock, metal, heavy metal, sum rap, nd other types o music come nd tell wat bands u like nd da -type o music u like!
Categories:   Music
Creation: Wed, Sep 15, 2010     
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Music Music Music! All the Way! ~
Hello, this is RukiX666 Look for my Downloads I have Provide and see what you may Love! Most are J-Rock, Metal and -stuff, I'll upload more when I can ^_^
Tags:   Music   Rock   J-Rock   J-Metal   Metal  
Categories:   Society Culture   People   Environment   Religion   News   Entertainment   Music
Creation: Thu, Mar 17, 2011     
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Dir En Grey
This club is dedicated for the awesome band Dir En Grey! Their freaking awesome, and I couldn't find a club for them so -I made one. 8D
Tags:   Dir En Grey   J-Rock   Visual Kei   Kyo   Kaoru   Die   Toshiya   Shinya
Categories:   Music
Creation: Wed, Jul 01, 2009     
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KAWAiiONiGiRi☆ (っ。◠ ω ◠。)っ
Hi...My Friend hoiko and I made this club for all people that love Animes, Mangas, J-Rock, K-Pop or something like -that..Also in this issue. Sign in and let you be surprised
Tags:   Anime   Manga   Contacts   Musik   J-Rock   Japanese things   K-Pop   Cosplay   OST
Categories:   People
Creation: Wed, Sep 01, 2010     
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