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Join if you love, Blood on the Dance Floor. Talk about there music, videos, or anything related to, BOTDF.
Tags:   BOTDF   blood on the dance floor   blood   on   the   dance   floor   dahvie vanity   Jayy Von Monroe   dahvie   vanity   jayy   von   monroe   icky boo   icky   boo   epic   all the rage   all   the   rage  
Categories:   Music
Creation: Sat, Jul 30, 2011     
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Blood On The Dance Floor; The band :DD Anyone know who this is? Cuz they're my FAVORITE band EVER! :D :)
Tags:   BOTDF   Awesome     D
Categories:   Music
Creation: Thu, Aug 02, 2012     
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The Slash Gash Terror Crew (a.k.a. The Suicide Club)
Fer all of youu BOTDF fans out there.! ;D && the haters, pfft, you make us famous. (; So, leik, enjoy && stuff. :P All -of you Slah Gash Terror Whores are welcome! ;D Stickyy Dramaa.! xD K, thank, baii!
Tags:   DahvieVanity   JayyVonMonroe   BloodOnTheDanceFloor   BOTDF
Categories:   Music   People
Creation: Thu, Sep 13, 2012     
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Scene Rave!!
we just talk about things on scene or rave like BOTDF or BTT and other stuff u wanna talk about so yeah join if u wanna
Tags:   BOTDF, BTT, BC, EV, Ect..
Categories:   Music
Creation: Fri, Nov 30, 2012     
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