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niky92    Nyitrai Nikolett    -  Female
Interested in:   Biology
Birthday: Wed, May 13, 1992     Live in: HUNGARY

Rogue Valentine    Rogue Valentine    -  Male
Hi im Rogue i like metal and rock im also a big big BIG fan of devil -may cry and my mates say im the real life Dante...Anything else you -want to know just ask or if you want to just chat thats cool -XD.....You can also add me on facebook just look me up
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Music   Game   Computer and Internet   Biology   Outdoors   Horoscopes
Birthday: Wed, Dec 19, 1990     Live in: UNITED KINGDOM

Kaige Ek    Ronaldinghio Ek    -  Male
a very fun person, kinda quiet yet amazing, love Black Veil Brides and -screamo music so yeah je, wanna get to know me, ask ;)
Likes: Music, Movies, Screamo Music, Alesana, Black Veil Brides,
Interested in:   Literature   College and University   Movies   Music   Fitness   Food   Horoscopes   Outdoors   Travel   Biology   Clothing   Football   Soccer
Birthday: Wed, Aug 05, 1992     Live in: BELIZE

§Brezzy_Jammer♪    Samuel Stewart    -  Male
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Football   Biology   Movies
Birthday: Sat, Aug 07, 1993     Live in: USA

xEviex    Eve D    -  Female
Likes: doing make up, animals & having fun :)
Interested in:   People   Clothing   Biology   Horoscopes   Movies   Arts   History   Photography
Birthday: Wed, Apr 19, 1995     Live in: IRELAND

Chala        -  Female
Likes: RNB,Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Music   Biology   Science   Movies   Television   History
Birthday: Wed, Sep 20, 1995     Live in: TAIWAN

transplantshoes    Ian cooper    -  Male
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Photography   History   College and University   Libraries   Movies   Music   Biology   Environment   Travel
Birthday: Sun, May 20, 1990     Live in: UNITED KINGDOM

Reem N.    Reem Mazih    -  Female
Interested in:   Photography   Movies   Music   Television   Game   Stories   Food   Travel   Outdoors   Math   Biology   People   Basketball   Football
Birthday: Tue, Jul 23, 1996     

Kazoo(:        -  Female
Emm Hi... I'm socially awakward :/ I'm a typical short asian who likes -noodles hahaha :D ohhh and I'm part chinese& spanish >~< according to -my parents but I'm mainly filipino ^o^Mabuhay! So do call that -eurosian mix???
Likes: Alot of things and weirdo's.
Interested in:   People   Arts   Photography   Literature   History   Music   Movies   Food   Travel   Biology   Shopping   Society Culture   Stories
Birthday: Sun, Jan 12, 1997     Live in: UNITED KINGDOM

Androswag    Avery Volck    -  Female
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Biology   Environment   Movies   Music
Birthday: Wed, Dec 25, 2019     Live in: USA

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