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mauiwowiee    Maddison Delaney    -  Female
i'm maddison i love tie dye, tea, peter pan&disney, concerts&raves, -cigarettes, good books, bonfires, movie theaters, ear piercings, hair -dye&makeup, and the breakfast club.
Interested in:   Movies   Music   History   Photography   Horoscopes   Travel   Biology   Religion
Birthday: Mon, Oct 02, 1995     Live in: USA

PrettyOddIndeed        -  Female
Reddit, college, pets, family, friends, sleeping, music (in no -particular order) :P
Likes: Music, Movies, Reading, Writing, Sleeping...
Interested in:   People   Diseases   College and University   Music   Game   Medicine   Weather   Food   Biology   Auto   Environment
Birthday: Mon, Apr 30, 1990     Live in: USA

loveepiink6299    Claudia Medina Cristina    -  Female
Hey, a little about me; I love the beach, New York , Forever 21 , San -Francisco , Texting , Fashion , Friends , Parties , &&nd more so -HMU;)) .<33 !.
Likes: Music, Movies , Twilight...
Interested in:   People   Health   History   Literature   Food   Biology   Craft   Clothing   Environment
Birthday: Fri, Sep 29, 1995     Live in: USA

sushi roll    ruby quijas    -  Female
im fun and love anime. listen to music mostly from asia. very shy dont -really talk much unless im wit ppl i knw.
Likes: Music, Movies, SHINee, visual kei, anime, horror films, school, -science
Interested in:   People   Music   Biology   Food
Birthday: Sun, Oct 15, 1995     Live in: USA

n331y    Neely    -  Female
uh. i ride horses. and i fucking love music. that is all.
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Photography   Literature   Movies   Music   Fitness   Food   Biology
Birthday: Tue, Dec 17, 1996     Live in: USA

*DAVID*    David LaBranche    -  Male
im representin MA into all music BUT country! if you want to know -more hmu on thiz or add me on facebook
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Music   Craft   Football   Biology   Horoscopes
Birthday: Sat, Sep 28, 1996     Live in: USA

shizu    Shizu Yamashita    -  Female
fights with herself for almost 16 years, works on her future, tries to -give meaning to her life. listens to hard rock & metal when she is -sad. loves helping people but cannot solve her own problems. loves -hugs. push people away when they got close to her.
Interested in:   Photography   History   Literature   Music   Biology   Society Culture
Birthday: Thu, Dec 25, 1997     Live in: HUNGARY

lexyczp        -  Female
Interested in:   Medicine   Biology   Music   Movies   Literature
Birthday: Wed, Apr 24, 1974     Live in: VENEZUELA

ShadowWolf    Storm Hughey    -  Male
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Photography   Television   Computer and Internet   Biology
Birthday: Sun, Oct 09, 1994     Live in: USA

jim    jimmy garcia    -  Male
im 15, i love any kind of pop punk and im in Debate proud of it too. -Man Overboard Is my Favorite Band of All Time
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   Football   Biology   Literature
Birthday: Sat, Nov 03, 1990     Live in: USA

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