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Female · Male Visible 61 - 70 of about 205.

Anathema    Anathema Potter Riddle    -  Female
Likes: Músicas, Filmes, Fanfic's, RPG's, Animes, Mangás, Doramas e Livros
Interested in:   Movies   Music   Game   Medicine   Biology   People   Literature   History
Birthday: Tue, Apr 13, 1993     Live in: BRAZIL

MoND    7MoOoD    -  Male
Love My self
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   College and University   Travel   People   Football   Soccer   Fitness   Biology   Computer and Internet
Birthday: Sat, Sep 25, 1993     Live in: KUWAIT

Nichola        -  Female
I like anime. A lot. Food, anime and square enix keep me alive. Square -enix are legendary; they made Kingdom hearts, Final Fantasy, The world -ends with you and lots of other stuff!
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   Music   Biology   Movies   Game
Birthday: Tue, Jun 07, 1994     Live in: AUSTRALIA

TasteTheChaos    Racheal Wright    -  Female
I'm a very nice person so feel free to talk to me. I love meeting new -people and making new friends. :)
Likes: Music, Movies, Anime, Traveling, Cars
Interested in:   Photography   Museums   Movies   Fitness   Biology   Computer and Internet   Math   Outdoors   Food   Environment   People   Football   Basketball   Music   Television   Game
Birthday: Sun, Jun 11, 1995     Live in: USA

x-suicidal_emo-x    Rhaine Locklear    -  Female
ummmmm......i'm not that don't bother with me.....that's -all you need to know....
Likes: Music, Movies, Books, Puzzles, Sleeping, Procrastinating....
Interested in:   History   Literature   Photography   Museums   Libraries   Movies   Music   Television   Game   Computer and Internet   Biology   Auto   Tennis
Birthday: Thu, Aug 02, 1990     Live in: GERMANY

Remy    Remus    -  Male
Nothing to lose cuz I've lost everything.
Interested in:   People   College and University   Photography   History   Literature   Libraries   Museums   Music   Horoscopes   Travel   Computer and Internet   Biology   Math   Clothing
Birthday: Tue, Oct 15, 1991     Live in: USA

LowFlow        -  Female
Hey, if you wanna know just ask XD I will tell you what you want to -know without too much fuss :D
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Literature   Music   Literature   Libraries   Medicine   Outdoors   Biology   Environment   Basketball   Tennis
Birthday: Fri, Dec 11, 1992     Live in: ROMANIA

Mokairuu        -  Male
I love Japan and its rich culture. Im an athiest. For me, knowledge is -power, and I practically get drunk from power, but I don't abuse -others.
Likes: Music: metal, japanese, rock, SOME techno/dubstep. Movies: action, -science-fiction, adventure. Video Games: RPG's, 3rd-person shooters, -action-adventure.
Interested in:   Movies   Music   Television   Game   Diseases   Analysis   Weather   Biology   Environment
Birthday: Fri, Nov 12, 1993     Live in: USA

Opal Painite    Opal Painite    -  Female
Stupid Aimini, why don't you have certain songs that I want to -download?
Likes: Music, Movies, Anime, Writing, Blogging, Vlogging
Interested in:   People   Biology   Computer and Internet   Photography   History   Literature   College and University   Libraries   Museums
Birthday: Sat, Apr 19, 1997     Live in: USA

Jonny    Jonny Garcia    -  Male
Bitch, faggot, queer, suckadickmothafucka cuz i'm ProasSHIT
Likes: Fucking shit up, unlike your faggot ass.
Interested in:   People   Photography   Literature   Jobs   Libraries   Music   Movies   Television   Weather   Outdoors   Food   Stories   Soccer   Football   Tennis   Environment   People   Math   Biology   Computer and Internet
Birthday: Wed, Dec 18, 1996     Live in: USA

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