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Marie    Maire Bess    -  Female
Hey I'm Brittany, I'm 17 and a POA in my local NNDCC program (Navy -National Cadet Core), i'm the high school mascot, I also am in charge -of a new local film club. I love making friends so message me if you -want. Sorry if i don't reply My internet comes an
Likes: Music, Movies, filming, writing, painting, singing, playing with -puppies, and playing D&D (yes i'm a nerd)
Interested in:   People   Photography   History   Literature   Movies   Music   Stories   Environment   Soccer   Football   Basketball   Tennis   Clothing   Biology   Game   Libraries
Birthday: Thu, May 09, 1996     

Hayeon    Khaenda    -  Female
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Libraries   Biology
Birthday: Mon, Nov 27, 1995     Live in: INDONESIA

mirtel    mirtel    -  Female
Likes: Music, Books
Interested in:   People   College and University   Music   Biology   Computer and Internet
Birthday: Tue, Sep 01, 1992     Live in: IRAN

Usagi    Tsukino Usagi    -  Female
Crazy about music~!music is my life~!k-pop is my fav~!Big Bang is my -heart beat~!I can't live without them~!! I learn japanese and Korean~! -I'm such an unpredictable girl~! Welcome to Usagi's World!! (^O^)
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Music   Biology   Computer and Internet   Television
Birthday: Wed, Apr 12, 1989     Live in: MALAYSIA

Nina    Deborah Ferreira Santos    -  Female
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   Game   Movies   Music   Biology   Auto   Food   Analysis
Birthday: Fri, May 15, 1992     Live in: BRAZIL

Bookworm_02        -  Female
Likes: Music, Photography, Biology, Books(of course!)
Interested in:   People   Photography   Music   Stories   Biology   Religion   Literature
Birthday: Thu, Jan 25, 1990     Live in: USA

DumbledoraTheExplorer        -  Female
Likes: Music, movies, anime :)
Interested in:   People   History   Alternative   Computer and Internet   Biology   Sports
Birthday: Tue, Dec 10, 1996     Live in: USA

Monsterkitty    Rosa Reyes    -  Female
My name is Rosa (a.k.a:Monsterkitty)I am a very random person, who -loves life no matter what. I love to skateboar, read, listen to music, -which inspires me to draw, or write. I'm a big anime fan,
Likes: Music, Movies, video games, TV, skateboarding, books, writing, -drawing, anime, awkward and weird randomness.
Interested in:   People   Literature   Music   Game   Television   Biology   Craft   Environment   Soccer
Birthday: Thu, Apr 04, 1996     Live in: USA

Partxx    Blurrghh Bleh bleh.    -  Female
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Photography   Issues   Game   Fitness   Alternative   Food   Computer and Internet   Biology   Clothing   People   Environment
Birthday: Fri, Mar 29, 1985     Live in: USA

parisa    parisa    -  Female
Likes: Music, Painting, Acoustic guitar, ...
Interested in:   Music   Shopping   People   Biology
Birthday: Mon, Apr 22, 1996     Live in: IRAN

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