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Female · Male Visible 21 - 30 of about 205.

Mes_Naisara    anonymous    -  Male
Simple: I'm Weird
Likes: Music, Movies, Reading and Walking alone in the dark hehehe *told you -I was weird!!
Interested in:   People   Science   Entertainment   Recreation   Biology
Birthday: Sat, Oct 29, 1994     Live in: FIJI

sally.loves.jack    Amy Janeway    -  Female
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   Math   Biology
Birthday: Sat, Jul 20, 1991     Live in: USA

Boo    Boo    -  Female
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   Photography   Literature   College and University   Movies   Music   Travel   Biology   Clothing   Basketball   People
Birthday: Sun, Mar 28, 1993     

alx    Alexandrea Lorenzo Cipriano    -  Female
Message me then I'LL TELL YOU
Likes: Music;Movies;People;Photography;Literature;Libraries; -Travelling;Auto;Shopping;Basketball
Interested in:   People   Photography   Literature   Libraries   College and University   Movies   Music   Medicine   Fitness   Travel   Biology   Auto   Clothing   Environment   Basketball
Birthday: Mon, Apr 25, 1994     Live in: PHILIPPINES

TasteTheChaos    Racheal Wright    -  Female
I'm a very nice person so feel free to talk to me. I love meeting new -people and making new friends. :)
Likes: Music, Movies, Anime, Traveling, Cars
Interested in:   Photography   Museums   Movies   Fitness   Biology   Computer and Internet   Math   Outdoors   Food   Environment   People   Football   Basketball   Music   Television   Game
Birthday: Sun, Jun 11, 1995     Live in: USA

FlameJutsu    Paul    -  Male
hi! I just love any kind of music :)
Likes: I love Linkin Park,some Pop music and little bit of everything. I also -like to travel and meet interesting people.
Interested in:   People   Auto   Horoscopes   History   Biology
Birthday: Thu, Feb 04, 1988     Live in: USA

MoND    7MoOoD    -  Male
Love My self
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   College and University   Travel   People   Football   Soccer   Fitness   Biology   Computer and Internet
Birthday: Sat, Sep 25, 1993     Live in: KUWAIT

Heure007    Heury Ventura    -  Male
braces, glasses,(still fine thou, also they can go away ), athletic, -not nerdy...(not saying that im not smart or anything), koolz people, -hyper at times, got no piercings, drink some here and there, dont -smoke, can be shy at first
Likes: Music, Movies, play basketball, videogames, money
Interested in:   Photography   Marketing   Game   Music   Movies   Television   Fitness   Weather   Outdoors   Travel   Computer and Internet   Biology   Real Estate   Auto   Clothing   Math   Basketball   Football   Tennis   Sports
Birthday: Thu, Apr 28, 1994     Live in: USA

whitebear989    Nerijus    -  Male
Hi, Need some music that you can't find? Just lie all your music -requests (or maybe something more if you want) on me. I love music as -well as to meet new people. BTW if You want to chat just PM me -(don't be afraid, i don't bite new people:) ). Take ca
Likes: Me like music :D Also find me on facebook -!
Interested in:   Travel   Biology   Soccer   Photography
Birthday: Sun, Apr 05, 1992     Live in: LITHUANIA

#Oasis.o019    Ivan Nereo Acuin    -  Male
LOOking for something that interesting and not BORED !!!
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   Computer and Internet   College and University   Photography   History   Collection   Libraries   Movies   Music   Issues   Outdoors   Travel   Biology   Religion
Birthday: Sat, Jun 19, 1993     Live in: PHILIPPINES

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