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Female · Male Visible 11 - 20 of about 205.

Siskie    Siskie Denney    -  Female
Yo! I'm pretty much insane :p I love music and art. I'm hoping that I -get accepted to either Morehead UV or Rio Grande and become an English -Major. Go Class of 2012! <3
Likes: Music, Art, Games,
Interested in:   People   Arts   Literature   Music   Biology
Birthday: Sun, Jul 24, 1994     Live in: USA

AubreyElf    Aubrey Haskell    -  Female
Interested in:   Photography   Literature   Medicine   Travel   Biology   Tennis   Horoscopes
Birthday: Fri, Aug 13, 1993     Live in: USA

sillybear    Sillybear Marie William Sintano Collosus Villanueva Langub    -  Female
I am Captain America. LOL, The heck I'm not. I suppose if I tell you -my brother did that, you won't believe me- and besides I don't have a -brother only a sister. That was only to entertain you and myself. - Well, I'm Sillybear. People wonder why i have
Likes: this kind of name but..YES, my name is Sillybear. I don't know if my -parents thought they were gonna give birth to a bear.I actually don't -even know myself. But it, ain't that bad of a name. Growing up, I -pretended to be married to Whismpsy Bear.
Interested in:   People   Music   College and University   Basketball   Movies   Television   Alternative   Clothing   Craft   Food   Travel   Math   Computer and Internet   Biology
Birthday: Sat, Dec 24, 1994     

Emma    Emma Galeano    -  Female
I'm just really obsessed with music, and i love expanding my iTunes -library!
Interested in:   Shopping   Biology   Music   People
Birthday: Tue, Mar 29, 1994     

Xw33t5tarAn931    Xw33t5tarAn931    -  Female
Just sharing some stuff on here. I am open to requests; include a -YouTube link if you can. I only upload stuff on the occasion. So yeah. -Patience please(:
Interested in:   Entertainment   Music   Movies   Television   Recreation   Travel   Outdoors   Science   Biology   Shopping   Sports
Birthday: Sun, Jul 23, 1995     Live in: USA

Emma    Emma    -  Female
Penutbutter, cats, my bed and music.
Likes: OM&M, Nirvana, NIN, Parkway Drive, (the old)Falling in reverse, -Slipknot, BMTH, August burns red, The Pretty Reckless, Asking -Alexandria, the Devil Wears Prada, Paramore, MCR, The Ramones, Bon -Iver, Pink Floyd.
Interested in:   Clothing   Biology   Alternative
Birthday: Thu, Jun 26, 1997     Live in: NETHERLANDS

TEn-TEn    Kelvin Jay Saladino Caoili    -  Male
Simply Dangerously Serious
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Basketball   Music   Food   Collection   Biology
Birthday: Thu, Jul 27, 1989     Live in: PHILIPPINES

#Oasis.o019    Ivan Nereo Acuin    -  Male
LOOking for something that interesting and not BORED !!!
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   Computer and Internet   College and University   Photography   History   Collection   Libraries   Movies   Music   Issues   Outdoors   Travel   Biology   Religion
Birthday: Sat, Jun 19, 1993     Live in: PHILIPPINES

OMGPirates    Ana    -  Female
I like alot of things. I like things that I like, but I love -everything. There's more choice in 'like'. Because even the worst -things have things to love in them...I love things soo much I feel I -could float away.
Likes: I like boys on swings and girls on skateboards. I like babies in -highchairs. I like pharmaceutical medical wrappers. I like people in -hats. I love music. Mainly indie/rock/alternative/electro/punk -etcetcetc.
Interested in:   People   Photography   Museums   Movies   Music   Television   Issues   Outdoors   Travel   Computer and Internet   Biology   Religion   Clothing   Tennis
Birthday: Sun, Dec 22, 1991     Live in: UNITED KINGDOM

Owie    Owie    -  Male
I only use this website to download me music and that is all. Not to -make friends because making friends on this website is just fucking -sad. All the people here seem stupid and sad and the only reason I am -writing this is because I am bored.
Likes: I Don't Know... I like Everything and Everyone minus annoying, -pathetic and sad people.
Interested in:   Biology
Birthday: Sun, Dec 03, 1995     Live in: USA

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