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Emma    Emma Galeano    -  Female
I'm just really obsessed with music, and i love expanding my iTunes -library!
Interested in:   Shopping   Biology   Music   People
Birthday: Tue, Mar 29, 1994     

Light    Aya Ceres    -  Female
Interested in:   Entertainment   Music   Arts   Fitness   Biology   Math   Tennis
Birthday: Tue, Aug 02, 1994     Live in: DENMARK

QuiteSimple        -  Female
Why hi there, My name is Deja and I'm seventeen if you didn't already -know that. I am a foodie and I like to try new things, I'm pretty shy -in the beginning but once you get me talking you'll want me to stop -heh. I tend to ramble so sorry in advance.
Likes: Music, Reading, Writing, Eating, Being a foodie, Volleyball, and -sports.
Interested in:   People   Biology
Birthday: Fri, May 09, 1997     Live in: USA

djdvd    David    -  Male
Interested in:   Music   Travel   Sports   Tennis   Biology
Birthday: Sun, Aug 16, 1992     Live in: NETHERLANDS

lalalandmachine    rock    -  Female
just breathe
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Arts   Photography   Literature   Movies   Music   Issues   Fitness   Horoscopes   Food   Travel   Biology   Religion   Tennis
Birthday: Sat, Jun 10, 1995     Live in: CANADA

Vaida    Vaida Jašmontaitė    -  Female
Likes: Movies, Music, Television, Medicine, Analysis, Weather, Computer and -Internet, Biology, Religion
Interested in:   Movies   Music   Television   Medicine   Analysis   Weather   Computer and Internet   Biology   Religion
Birthday: Sat, Apr 03, 1993     Live in: LITHUANIA

Xw33t5tarAn931    Xw33t5tarAn931    -  Female
Just sharing some stuff on here. I am open to requests; include a -YouTube link if you can. I only upload stuff on the occasion. So yeah. -Patience please(:
Interested in:   Entertainment   Music   Movies   Television   Recreation   Travel   Outdoors   Science   Biology   Shopping   Sports
Birthday: Sun, Jul 23, 1995     Live in: USA

Silver Fizz        -  Female
30 years,Metal/Rock Fan and from Germany.^^ I love adoptable games -like Dragon Cave;the Internet,anime, manga,writing and reading.I`m -very interested in the japanese culture,medicine and -forensic/pathology.
Likes: Sonata Arctica and many other music.Fantasy,Horror,Dragoncave,good -books,animals,Anime/Manga.I like people who are tolerant,open-minded -and crazy.
Interested in:   Literature   Music   Computer and Internet   Biology   Medicine
Birthday: Wed, Oct 10, 1984     Live in: GERMANY

Zoee Hannah    Zoe Hannaaah    -  Female
So, I don't know what to say, I'm Zoee <3
Interested in:   People   Photography   Music   Food   Biology
Birthday: Fri, Apr 29, 1994     Live in: USA

Lussy        -  Female
Likes: music, movies, books, playing on keyboard, Taylor Momsen, Joan Jett, -Demi Lovato, Kristen Stewart and Lady Gaga, stories ...
Interested in:   Photography   Music   Medicine   Biology
Birthday: Thu, May 02, 1996     Live in: CZECH REPUBLIC

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