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Zoee Hannah    Zoe Hannaaah    -  Female
So, I don't know what to say, I'm Zoee <3
Interested in:   People   Photography   Music   Food   Biology
Birthday: Fri, Apr 29, 1994     Live in: USA

Lussy        -  Female
Likes: music, movies, books, playing on keyboard, Taylor Momsen, Joan Jett, -Demi Lovato, Kristen Stewart and Lady Gaga, stories ...
Interested in:   Photography   Music   Medicine   Biology
Birthday: Thu, May 02, 1996     Live in: CZECH REPUBLIC

OMGPirates    Ana    -  Female
I like alot of things. I like things that I like, but I love -everything. There's more choice in 'like'. Because even the worst -things have things to love in them...I love things soo much I feel I -could float away.
Likes: I like boys on swings and girls on skateboards. I like babies in -highchairs. I like pharmaceutical medical wrappers. I like people in -hats. I love music. Mainly indie/rock/alternative/electro/punk -etcetcetc.
Interested in:   People   Photography   Museums   Movies   Music   Television   Issues   Outdoors   Travel   Computer and Internet   Biology   Religion   Clothing   Tennis
Birthday: Sun, Dec 22, 1991     Live in: UNITED KINGDOM

Rhysie Mogford    Rhys Mogford    -  Male
im Rhys,im 17 and im in a bandx]im bassist/screamer and i like too -write poems and lyrics.i live in South Wales.
Likes: i love music!i love practicing with my band and having a jam,also do -MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) for a hobbie
Interested in:   People   Music   Movies   Game   Biology
Birthday: Wed, Sep 28, 1994     Live in: UNITED KINGDOM

LoveJapan02    Lucille    -  Female
Likes: music; game ;
Interested in:   Game   Computer and Internet   Biology   Environment   Music
Birthday: Sun, Mar 12, 1995     Live in: FRANCE

Millennius    Cerise    -  Female
Um,hello? :D
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People   Biology
Birthday: Sun, Oct 27, 1996     Live in: MALAYSIA

cupcake1997    spencer shaye thomas    -  Female
Likes: Music, Movies,hanging with my friends,and tlking to ppl
Interested in:   People   Auto   Biology   Math   Computer and Internet   Football   Outdoors   Movies   Music   Television   History   Jobs
Birthday: Thu, Jan 02, 1997     Live in: USA

RavenAlexandra<3    Raven Alexandra    -  Female
♥Raven Alexandra. ♥Engaged
Interested in:   Photography   Music   Fitness   Food   Travel   Biology   Environment   Soccer   Football
Birthday: Sun, May 25, 1997     Live in: USA

Mes_Naisara    anonymous    -  Male
Simple: I'm Weird
Likes: Music, Movies, Reading and Walking alone in the dark hehehe *told you -I was weird!!
Interested in:   People   Science   Entertainment   Recreation   Biology
Birthday: Sat, Oct 29, 1994     Live in: FIJI

sally.loves.jack    Amy Janeway    -  Female
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   Math   Biology
Birthday: Sat, Jul 20, 1991     Live in: USA

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