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Abby    Abigail    -  Female
Cats > People School sucks, start a band.
Likes: Cats Nose rings Tattoos Long hair Bass players Stretched -ears Mountain Dew
Interested in:   People
Birthday: Thu, Sep 05, 1996     Live in: USA

\\m// Wolveriene \\m//    mumin hisham asaad    -  Male
Oh Gosh!!! i Dont know What to write, okey i am young, fun-lover No -MoRe WoRdS!!!!
Likes: Music, Movies, BasketBall, Soccer, Wrestling, Anime, Manchester United
Interested in:   People
Birthday: Sun, Jan 12, 1992     Live in: JORDAN

SPINDASH77        -  Male
I'm Batman.
Likes: Justice.
Interested in:   Entertainment
Birthday: Thu, Feb 19, 1998     Live in: USA

Infinity    Infinity    -  Female
Canada-Québec- Montréal <3
Interested in:   People   Music
Birthday: Fri, Jul 12, 1996     Live in: CANADA

Manny    manny Torres    -  Male
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   People
Birthday: Sun, Jun 20, 1971     Live in: USA

forgettheprotocol    Taylor    -  Female
i've learned, and you'd think i'd be something more now. but it just -goes to show, it's not what you know.. it's what you were thinking at -that time - b.e
Likes: bright eyes, neil patrick harris, buffy the vampire slayer, chinese -takeout, grape juice, andrew mcmahon, JOSS WHEDON, the smell of linen, -cats, third eye blind
Interested in:   Entertainment
Birthday: Wed, Dec 21, 1994     

jennie    Jennifer    -  Female
Likes: Music, Movies
Interested in:   Photography
Birthday: Wed, Jul 15, 1987     Live in: USA

rjayptrs097        -  Female
Hi~ :)
Interested in:   People   Music   Game   College and University   Movies   Sports   People   Travel
Birthday: Sun, Jul 05, 1992     Live in: CANADA

Patti_Butts    Patti    -  Female
Likes: All kinds of music. Currently addicted to K-Pop!
Interested in:   Food
Birthday: Sat, Dec 31, 1994     Live in: USA

cinematic_sunrise    Amanda Louise    -  Female
... oi, n.n
Likes: Puppies & Tattoos :3
Interested in:   Photography   Music
Birthday: Mon, Jul 29, 1996     Live in: USA

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