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[ 651 x 518 ]
  Tyler Mittens Mits
Gender: Male
Birth:  Sun, Apr 02, 1995
Blood group: What's blood
Joined: Wed, Jun 03, 2009
Signin: Wed, Sep 17, 2014 22:45
Likes: Music cheese party hats (but only on tuesdays) jumping left and right but not up and down holding onto green jelly. I enjoy watching anime and eating the dirt mole. I like speaking japanese. With an understanding of physics anything is possible.
Interested in: Diseases
I am a koala of many disguises. I like to watch snails racing. its difficult being as differently uvulated as I am. ╚█████ö█████ö█████ö█████ö█████┐ I can be found on facebook, Tyler Mittenz Mits.

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